Business Account

Why an Alpha Business Account?

If you are in business in Merseyside, why not consider a business account with Alpha Taxis.

An Alpha Business Account saves you time and money!

We offer comprehensive account management and our setup for you can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

We have different booking options such as:

  • By telephone through our call centre which is fully operational 24 hours 7 days a week, with fully trained staff
  • E-Booking – an exclusive web management portal in which bookings can be made and tracked by members of your own team without picking up the phone, using our online portal. You simply log in to your assigned account
  • Via the Alpha App.

Call our accounts department now on 0151 737 4908 or email to discuss your company’s needs.

Business Option on the Alpha App.

Are your staff always on the go?

Why not sign up for Riide For Business, our online facility that allows you to create and manage your account for your team whereby you can add a company card to pay for journeys.

Don’t worry!!

Our Riide for Business platform allows you to take full control, assigning different permission levels, access timeframes and payment options for different members of staff. There is no need for staff members to hold the company credit/debit card details.

All our account options link in with our Alpha app in order for you track vehicles.

Interested in opening an Alpha Taxis Business Account?

Simply fill out this form, email and we will be in touch, or call our Accounts department on 0151 737 4908.

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